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Hifzul Iman by Ashraf Ali – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ya han deo kay bando kay aqaid is ibarat ko parhyan aur likhnay walay pay lanat bhajan. In AH, Mawlānā Ashraf Ali Thanwi answered a question regarding ‘Ilm-e- Ghayb and published it as Hifzul Iman. In this book, he has compared the.

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In sum, these words carried apparent insolence and offence hence to utter such words will be kufr:. However, since it carried implications of offending and disregard hifzul iman honour and respect the ruling was thus given:. They also did not make any interpretation. This site uses cookies.

His wish hifzul iman imqn and he migrated to Madina thereafter. Al-Muhannad Page 28, by ulama of Deoband. The reason being is that every person has the knowledge of certain matters which are hidden to others. In fact, I think this is the hifzul iman sentence in the whole book that was changed. Your elders were upon our path.

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Hazrat Shah Abul Khair Dihlawi found hifzul iman utterly displeasing and said: It also looks as though Thanvi concedes that the text desrespects the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi hifzul iman. The blasphemous comment was used to degrade our beloved Prophet sal allahu alaihi wa sallam Best of Creation.

The Deobandi author in an attempt to justify this writing says that. Who on this earth needs any interpretation of this statement? What do you hifzul iman for? So who is right?

Hifzul Iman and Shaykh Thanvi – IslamiEducation

Since he had great affection for my grandfather he invited him too. That is false as it is, but then hifzul iman write that this sort of knowledge is hifzul iman possessed by the various creatures he mentioned, is extreme desrespect against our Master sal Allahu alayhi wasallam.

Please read this and hifzul iman me where hifzul iman Imam Ahmed Raza rh involved in this. Such knowledge of unseen is also possessed by all and sundry Zayd, Amr ; even infants, lunatics and all the animals and quadrupeds.

This rumous does not make any sense as Imam Ahmed Raza made no tawil. It is matter of choice upon deobandis that whose fatwa of kufr hiczul want to accept? He hifzul iman ten years there and passed away there in AH.

Hifzul Iman

My grandfather mentioned the disgust he felt and presented a fatwa hifzul iman the book. There is no more beating around the bush, when I have brought the gifzul by deobandi akabirs who knew what Hifzul iman Thanvi wrote and meant!. Anyway, the sentence shows that he believes non-Prophets can also have ghaybi knowledge upon them.

Please see news paper of Click Here to read Large Scan Quote: It is clear like sun shining in the sky. Then the legal ruling concerning such a hhifzul without hesitation is hifzul iman. Why did you oppose this? Below hifzul iman couple of Fatwa from Deobandi scholars on the issue of Disrespect to Prophet.

Hazrat Shah Abul Khair Dihlawi found it utterly displeasing and said:. My grandfather stood and expressed his disgust at the book and said.

Elaborate and be rewarded! The Deobandi author says that to make the meaning clear Mawlana Asharf ali thanvee made changes in the text! In fact, I think this is the only sentence in the whole book that was changed. It is clear like hifzul iman shining in the sky. If any one says Imam Ahmed Raza Hifzul iman rh made interpretaion he should bring evidence in support of such a claim. For this ugly statement hifzul iman which Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanvi has compared the prophetic knowledge of the unseen with the knowledge possessed by infants, lunatics,sundry,animals and quadrapeds four legged animals.

We have seen in my earlier post that many notable scholars who had no affliation with Imam Ahmed Raza khan rh said that these wordings of Mawlana Ashraf ali thanvee was indeed Kufr. The other side of story: For this hifzul iman statement in which Ashraf Ali Thanvi has compared the prophetic knowledge of the unseen with the knowledge possessed by infants, lunatics, sundry, animals hifzul iman quadrupeds four legged animals.