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1 Internship Report on Bank Alfalah ltd. BANK ALFALAH LIMITED Alamdar Road Quetta Institute of management science university of Baluchistan. This report is an upshot of my six weeks internship in Bank Al-Falah, Urdu Bazar Branch, Main Kabir Street, Urdu Bazar, Lahore – Pakistan. Bank Al-Falah. Bank Alfalah Internship Report – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Bank Alfalah offers high quality service to its foreign trade clients. They are used especially for risk management.

To continuously offer courteous, professional and advanced banking solution the team of bank has recently been rejuvenated by going through training programs with focus to information technology. Revenues from these activities have started yielding dividends and they expect significant growth.

For customer convenience, customers now have access to instantaneous cash availability, 24 hours a internwhip, 7 days a week. While Aofalah Alfalah remains a key player in the baank, however, it treads with caution so that the quality of its credit portfolio is not compromised. This department includes credit card software support and maintenance, in-house programming and development and in-house technical support.

This includes credit marketing department, credit administration department, and trade finance service department. Our mission is to maintain competitive edge in quality banking, customer service and profit performance.

I am very thankful to Allah Al-Mighty for enabling me to carry out this successful project and also to Faculty of Institute of Management Alalah, who has aided me and given me enough skill and knowledge to reach this level of being able to write my own project. It is trusted for its reliability and security. The bank aims to invariably improve its existing standards by adopting innovative measures and exploring new perspectives for both products and customer care.

This scenario gave substantial boost to the overall car sales, which in turn proved to be highly beneficial to the local car manufacturers. We will continue to strengthen our position as the leading provider of quality financial services in Pakistan.

Bank Alfalah Internship Report – Bohat ALA

Customers are assured of efficiency and timeliness when dealing with their overseas counterparts. Alfalah VISA offers card members a new and powerful protection against the uncertainties of life. Today as we look back towards the milestones achieved, we are filled with immense satisfaction, to have come such a long way since inception of the car finance business.

Where I use to deal with such cases mentioned below. This facility is specially designed for Bank Alfalah account holders. With growing consumer awareness and declining interest rate scenario, several banks entered this nascent area. However, the focus has increased internshkp attracting overseas expatriates as our customers, with very good results. The Bank has also been fairly active in the inter-bank market and enjoyed substantial lines of credit.

But the proper auditing we carry out is through budgeting, through the budgets we check how we are performing especially from top down level. Bank Alfalah through its commitment to provide superior and improved services to its valued customers, has unveiled a nationwide network of ATMs. Offering you the facility that saves you the extra that you pay when you use Alfalah Credit Card at all patrol pumps in Pakistan. Bank Alfalah uses several modes for transfer of funds.

This notion has given us strength to face the future challenges. BAL is well positioned to capture impending opportunities for growth. I would further recommend the bank to improve systems as only this will drive them in future and improve upon their infrastructure. It had its 3 branches in Pakistan. Customers can use the ATMs or the banking counters of any branch for day-to-day banking needs, internshil of branch where they maintain their accounts.

wlfalah The Bank has employed a proactive approach in the form of a well-designed and transparent credit approval process. In case of vehicle, a due date diary is to maintained for lodgment of PDCs. The following documents are required to be submitted by an applicant with the completed application.

Getting ideas for improvement from customer side is a new idea eeport that is working very well in Bank Alfalah Ltd. With their key indicators of progress intrnship soaring to new heights, the bank is committed to dedicate all its energies, resources and time to bring higher value and satisfaction to their customers, employees and shareholders.

Inthe BCCI was banned, when it was accused by European countries that the bank was involved in some illegal operations with Gulf countries.

Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

Every month we give ads in newspaper for bidding and sale the vehicle to highest bidder after open bidding. Now it has objectives to overcome past mistakes, realize the real importance of customer so now it has main objective to achieve customization. We gets all detail through operation department and forward the request to operation department if customer is eligible for NOC. Charged with the strength of Abu Dhabi consortium and under the leadership of his Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mubarak Al — Nahayan, the bank has already made significant conditions in building and strengthening both corporate retail banking sector in Pakistan.

Inteernship Bank Alfalah Home Finance product continues to be the market leader in Pakistan, having the largest disbursed and outstanding portfolio among all the commercial banks operating in Pakistan. Akfalah product has facilitated in creating strong brand recognition for BAL in the internshio. The ratio of profit is increasing at a good percentage. It also shows their loyalty, commitment to organization.

Numerous facilities are being offered on their cards including 24 hours utility bills payments, exciting Rewards program, Platinum cards for high net worth customers, SMS Alerts facility for each transaction, payment or any other activity on credit cards and unique Insurance Plans for Children Education and Life Insurance.

Alfalah has emerged as one of the leading commercial banks in the financial sector of Pakistan. Quick processing and turn around time, competitive mark up rates; affordable installment plans are the key features of the product.